This is Leah.

As a five-year-old, what did you say you wanted to be when you grew up?
Veterinarian, Architect or President

What is the least glamorous job you’ve ever had?
Soccer Referee or possibly Pharmacy Clerk

What is your superhero name?
Cowgirl McSparkle

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Pistachio Gelato, Vanilla Bean, Mint Chocolate Cookie or Gold Medal Ribbon (Baskin-Robbins enthusiasts know what I’m talking about)

What’s been your best moment in PR?
Well every project I’ve been a part of has been rewarding in different ways, which is why I love PR, but I’ll guess I’ll just choose two.  I am a Real Simple lover so I was pretty thrilled with the full page LEGO product placement I scored for their holiday gift guide.  Seeing months of back-and-forth and hard work result in placement in one of your favorite magazines is just incredibly satisfying.  Another would have to be getting 3 of my clients on Ellen in 1 year.  I started watching that show long before I began my PR career so to now be part of their content is just plain awesome.  It’s always rewarding and exciting to be part of an outlet or show you love so much.

What are you irrationally afraid of?
Open water, sharks, large spiders and I am not necessarily afraid of them, but I really can’t stand mayonnaise or cottage cheese.

If you could star in any musical, which would you choose?
Well I’m pretty sure no one would pay to hear me sing or dance but thanks to my husband, I am pretty in tune with my 80s power ballads so I guess “Rock of Ages”.  Or “The Muppets”.

What’s your guilty pleasure website? and

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