This is Kelsey H.

As a five-year-old, what did you say you wanted to be when you grew up?
A veterinarian or a famous singer, but to sing in front of an audience would require me to actually be able to carry a tune. My friends used to have me sing for them and record me on their phones for entertainment… It’s that bad.

If you could be on Dancing With the Stars, who would you like to be partnered with?
Hands down, Paul Walker. I’ve had an obsession with him ever since I saw the movie “She’s All That”.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
I love coffee ice cream, especially café latte frozen yogurt or Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream- it’s the best of both worlds, brownies and cookie dough!

What languages (besides English) do you speak?
I took Spanish from kindergarten up until my sophomore year of high school, but I am nowhere near fluent.   

What are you irrationally afraid of?
I completely freak out if I see a snake, and the thought of a shark anywhere near me in open water is the also the most terrifying thought in the world!

What’s your guilty pleasure website?
I have slight online shopping problem, so I’m constantly checking all of my favorite store’s websites for their latest sales. Anytime there is free shipping mentioned I automatically feel the need to order everything in my shopping cart. More recently, I’ve become a huge Groupon and LivingSocial fan. I’m all about discovering the best deals!

What’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you?
While swimming at a friend’s house when I was younger I felt something touch the back of my arm; when I turned around to see what it was I saw a snake right behind me! It was, and still is traumatizing.

What’s your professional theme song?
I love slow jams! Really.

What is one of your hidden talents?
I love to color coordinate and organize people’s rooms. I always ask my friends if they need their closet revamped. I think my hidden talent is systematically finding a place for everything- color-coded of course. 

If you could be any fictional character for a day, who would you be?
Olivia Pope from Scandal. She always finds some way to fix everything and is so quick-witted. 

What’s your all-time favorite book?
I just finished Barbara Walter’s book from the 70s called, “How to talk with practically anybody about practically anything”. I heard about it from a friend and I found the advice very interesting to use in both my personal and professional life when communicating with others.

If you could marry a food, what would it be?
Any kind of bread especially topped with crunchy-almond butter!

What is your superhero name?
Punky Brewster…. It’s my family’s nickname for me for some unknown reason that just stuck, so I have learned to accept it even when my dad calls me “Punk” for short. 

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