Having worked with Managing Partner Zaw Thet at his previous company, Flashpoint was hired by Signia Venture Partners to help launch the company’s first fund to the media and venture community. Flashpoint oversees media and executive PR for Signia and often helps develop communications strategies for portfolio companies.

Wall Street Journal Tech: Here’s What People Are Saying About the Net Neutrality Proposal

“The proposal from FCC Chairman Wheeler is a strong statement that the values of entrepreneurship and innovation remain core to American progress. By ensuring that two entrepreneurs working in a garage have the same access to customers that the $1B+ company does, we ensure that innovation is not stifled and that the playing field remains fair. What is surprising, but encouraging, is the application to mobile broadband as well. It means that high-bandwidth apps such as games or video messaging will have the same access as anyone else.”

Zaw Thet, partner at Signia Venture Partners and founder of 4INFO


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