Like the LEGO brand, the film had such global appeal that the challenge wasn’t creating buzz, it was managing and sustaining it across so many different audiences for an extended period with film reviewers, celebrities, lifestyle and parenting editors, fans of the brand and business press.

The LEGO® Movie


Flashpoint extended The LEGO Movie story beyond film previews and reviews to create an overarching brand story that reached consumer, business and fan media alike. We helped develop the key messages and assets that created authentic press moments across multiple events,
meetings and celebrity appearances. 

• Brick-built replica of the Good Morning America desk was on-screen visual for talent appearances the week of the premiere. 
• Custom logo for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was revealed on-air by Chris Pratt during junket.
• Replicas of Good Cop/Bad Cop minifigure turned Liam Neeson’s only promotional stop into a press moment
• Family-friendly building experience, costume characters and large scale models created a one-of-a-kind movie premiere that reflected the personality of the brand and engaged families and children of all ages.

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