Amidst Facebook newsfeeds, tweetable headlines and constantly updated online sources, Texture challenged Flashpoint to help make magazine-reading a fresh and relevant experience for this audience. Flashpoint had to solve for overcoming barriers to app trial and convince readers to sit down, explore and discover the quality content available in magazines.



Flashpoint guided Texture through the noise of the parenting blogosphere and executed a hands-on experience at the annual Mom 2.0 conference to reach hundreds of well-respected bloggers, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Flashpoint created an on-site reading lounge where curated conversations and demos connected the dots as to why Texture makes sense for their life, schedule and family.

A custom hashtag #MagsinBags and social media program created specifically for Mom 2.0 drove engagement from attendees.  After a makeup artist session, bloggers were shot by pro photographers for a mock cover in the “Mom 2.0 Magazine.” A “post to enter-to-win” program drove sign-ups for free trials and paved the way for partnerships and a new company blogger affiliate program. The Payoff was great. Together with Texture, Flashpoint educated and inspired hundreds of influencers who understood Texture’s relevance in their life and shared their experience with followers:
•    Total social media impressions of 1,087,744 as of show close
•    97 social media posts using show-specific #magsinbags hashtag
•    Over 300 trial sign-ups, reaching over 60% of show attendees
•    Dozens of sign-ups for the newly launched blogger affiliate program
•    Generated partnership leads from over 50 attendees

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