SuperD 3-D makes a brilliant glasses- free 3-D technology and owns hundreds of patents to protect their intellectual property. After ten years of rigorous R&D SuperD was ready to make it’s global launch at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year. The company had never conducted national media outside of China and the product still wouldn’t go to market until Q2 or Q3 of 2015; however SuperD knew the timing was right to make its global debut and get in front of the competition.



SuperD hired Flashpoint to help establish their brand and technology among the key decision makers and influencers of the world. We began by orchestrating a comprehensive meet and greet tour with the biggest names in Silicon Valley and NYC media from David Kirkpatrick at Techonomy to business reporters at The Wall Street Journal, LA Times, New York Times and so on. By making an impact with leaders in The Valley, Flashpoint knew it was a key building block to establishing a strong and memorable presence at CES. 

After brokering face to face meetings with influencers, Flashpoint began to develop the content side of the story with SuperD. While the 3-D viewing experience was outstanding, Flashpoint knew that a content strategy would also excite the media focusing on the next big thing in digital video, gaming and social. At CES we were able to meet with hundreds of top tier media across business, technology, lifestyle and gaming and get the demo products into their hands.

Flashpoint helped secure coverage in the top three largest and most influential outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The LA Times, USA TODAY, PC Mag and Huffington Post. These meetings and exposure resulted in development deals with key partners including Google, Facebook, and Warner Brothers.

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