How do you keep a client in the news between launches and announcements?

In 2014 Flashpoint was hired by Spire to help position and launch a unique new entrant to the wearable market – one that focused on breathing and illuminating how breath is the indicator for stress, calm, and focus. After a successful launch garnering coverage in outlets ranging from Popular Science and to and Xconomy, Spire was between launches and needed to continue connecting with consumers in spite of a wearable market that was cooling off.



Work with Spire’s data to create a surprising gender headline about stress.

Because Spire is designed to capture data that reveals state of mind, Flashpoint wanted to shed light on one of the most stressful times in a person’s day: the evening commute.  With National Bike to Work Day approaching, Flashpoint put a laser focus on finding the right reporter to help tell the story of how stress and the evening commute varies by gender and by drive or ride.

Spire helped splice the data by gender in addition to city/region, time of day and commute mode.  Findings revealed a strong and somewhat surprising news hook: female commuters transitioned into the home more quickly than their male counterparts – meaning that they were less stressed and became calmer faster.  We also learned that bike riders experienced fewer ruffled feathers and more prolonged calm states than people who commuted by car.

After securing a feature story in FastCompany, the media began to snowball with broader attention and demand in the likes of Buzzfeed, TODAY Show, Yoga Journal and more throughout the year. CEO of Spire, Jonathan Palley, had concurrently been working towards securing distribution for Spire in Apple stores.  After the Fast Company piece and multiple ensuing stories landed, Mr. Palley was able to seal the deal in securing as a primary sales channel.

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