Roku approached Flashpoint to help establish the Roku player as the leading streaming media device, building preference among an audience ranging from teens through boomers. At the time, the product had some supporters among tech media but hadn’t connected with a broader lifestyle audience; additionally, the mainstream media space was crowded with heavy hitting competitors like Apple TV and Google TV. Flashpoint had to go beyond the product to tell a more emotional story, spotlighting the evolution of entertainment viewing behavior from watching live TV to watching content marathon-style. We balanced softer behavioral angles with placements for Roku’s executive team led by CEO and Roku/DVR Inventor Anthony Wood as proven forward-thinking visionaries in the streaming entertainment field, thus cementing Roku as the “go-to” product/platform solution.



Most recently, Roku entrusted the Flashpoint team to successfully launch and competitively position back-to-back product introductions: the Roku TV launched at CES 2014 followed by the successful launch of the Roku Streaming Stick in March.

• Roku TV broke through CES clutter as a top TV trend; positive converge of Roku TV in major US outlets including AP, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and LA Times
• 1.5Billion Impressions from 500+ Media Articles at CES 2014
• Successfully positioned Roku Streaming Stick as a more robust product than Google Chromecast via superior content offerings, innovative feature set and better value
• Features from top tech, business and trades including Wall Street Journal , AP, LA Times, SF Chronicle, CNET, WIRED, Variety, CNN, NBC; USA Today named RSS top story of the week
• 100% Positive launch coverage in 200+ media hits

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